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Harvey & Karen Wall



Harvey has been a rock hound since he was young. He grew up cutting and polishing agates with his dad, which created an instant bond between him and "Bake". At the age of 19 he started apprenticing under "Bake" and has been designing and creating beautiful jewelry ever since.

Karen grew up in Glasgow, Montana. She graduated from Judson College with a degree in psychology and soon after, married Harvey. Once she began working at the store, she quickly took on many roles. She is the bookkeeper, sales professional, and the glue that holds the store together. 

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Jory & Hannah Wall

Jory, Harvey and Karen's son, was born into the business. His attention to detail and precision helped him excel at the craft. He attended a jewelry school in Texas where he met his wife Hannah. Together, they then attended the Gemological Institute of America in California. He is a certified Bench Jeweler, GIA Graduate Gemologist, and certified in Jewelry Computer Aided Design.

Hannah, Jory's wife began her jewelry making career while in high school in Fort Worth, Texas. Her love for the art led her to the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology where she met Jory. After graduating they moved back to Montana and joined the family business. She is a certified Bench Jeweler, GIA Graduate Gemologist, and Certified in Jewelry Design. 


Brandt Burns

Brandt, Harvey and Karen's son-in-law, started working in 2014 to help them out during their busy holiday season and has been working at the store ever since. With his friendly personality, he was naturally a great salesman.  He has completed the GIA Applied Jewelry Professional course and is currently apprenticing under Harvey as a Bench Jeweler.

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