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Our Story

Baker's Jewelry has been rooted in Glasgow, Montana since 1948. A fascination of Montana agates eventually led  L.J. "Bake" Baker and his wife Jean to establish a store on Glasgow's front street. 32 years later with a shared interest of Montana agates, Harvey Wall, who was only 19 at the time, started as an apprentice jeweler where "Bake" taught him all he knew about the jewelry business. In 1983, Harvey purchased the business, keeping the name Baker's Jewelry, and was soon joined by his wife, Karen. They have been running the family business together ever since.

After 60 years of being in the charming downtown building, Baker's Jewelry moved to its current location on Highway 2. This gave Baker's Jewelry the much needed space to display more jewelry, offer new technology, and add more staff in order to maintain excellent service for our customers.

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