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Whatever you can imagine we can create at Baker's. Whether you have an idea already or need a little help from our staff, your possibilities are endless. We first like to get a sense of what you are looking for, what your lifestyle is like, and your budget so we can come up with some quick sketches or ideas. After the design has been approved we require a small deposit to start the design on our Computer Aided Design (CAD) program so we can create a final design with realistic pictures to make sure it is exactly what the customer hoped for. Once the CAD design has been approved the jewelry piece is then 3D-printed and cast. Lastly, the piece is finished in house, photographed, and ready for pick up!

If you have loose stones laying around or jewelry that you do not wear anymore, we would love to help you design something that is your style. Many remount options are available in store or we can create a completely new piece of jewelry as well as custom fabricate a new design using your existing items.

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